February 24, 1805
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February 24, 1805


The Day fine, we Commenced very early to day the Cutting loose the boat which was more difficuelt than the perogus with great exertions and with the assistance of Great prises we lousened her and turned the Second perogue upon the ice, ready to Draw out, in Lousening the boat from the ice Some of the Corking drew out which Caused her to Leake for a few minits untill we Discovered the Leake & Stoped it—    Jessomme our interpeter & familey returned from the Villages    Several Indians visit us to day


Sunday 24th Feby 1805.    a beautiful morning.    all hands employed cutting away the Ice from round the Barge.    found that the Ice was verry thick clear under hir.    we worked hard    the water came up in places untill it Got all round hir.    towards evening we Got large prizes and put under hir and with much adieu we Got hir started loose and hoisted hir Stern up on the Ice    found She had a Small leak where the corking worked out as She came loose.    bailed the water out of hir. Got out the perogue also.


Sunday february 24th    We had pleasant weather.    all our party were still employed in cutting the Ice round the Boat & pettyauger    we succeeded, and got out both the Boat & pettyauger on the Bank of the River at the Fort, and clear of danger, when the Ice broke up in the River.—