February 26, 1805
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February 26, 1805


26th of Feby 1805    Drew up the Boat & perogus, after Cutting them out of the ice with great Dificuelty—& trouble


a fine Day    Commencd verry early in makeing preparations for drawing up the Boat on the bank, at Sunset by repeated exertions the whole day we accomplished this troublesom task, just as we were fixed for having the Boat the ice gave away near us for about 100 yds in length—    a number of Indians here to day to See the Boat rise on the Bank—


Tuesday 26th Feby. 1805.    a pleasant morning.    all hands employed Gitting more Timber to raise the Barge.    doubled the Rope & raised up the Barge. Got the windless Going. Got hir Started again and moved hir a little at a time untill with much difficulty Got hir Safe up on the upper bank, and left hir laying beside the pickets, without being Injured as perseveable.—


Tuesday Febry 26th    The weather continued still clear & fine; the Men were employed in getting the Tools in Order for making pettyaugers [1]

The officers set 16 Men to work to make 4 Pettyaugers in the afternoon

1. Here, dugout canoes rather than pirogues. (back)