March 3, 1805
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March 3, 1805


a fine Day    wind from the W, a large flock of Ducks pass up the River—visited by the black Cat, Chief of the Mandans 2d Cheif and a Big Belley, they Stayed but a Short time    we informed those Chiefs of the news recved from the Ricaras, all hands employd


Sunday 3rd March 1805.    clear & pleasant. Some men employed making coal, and Some makeing toing lines for the perogues. Some men who are makeing perogues came to the Fort for provisions. The 1st and 2nd chief of the 2nd village [1] Came to visit our officers. A nomber others came with corn &.C.


Sunday March 3d [2]    This day we had Clear cold weather; the party were all employ'd untill the 20th instant, in making of ropes out of Buffalo, and Elk skins, burning of Coal for the Armourer & Blacksmiths, working on the new Pettyaugers &ca.—    They finished the Pettyaugers during that time, and had them brought down to the bank of the River, but was prevented bringing them near the Fort, the Ice preventing it.    The Officers placed a Guard of 3 Men at the new Pettyaugers, in order to prevent the Indians from doing any damage to them.—    The weather continued Clear & pleasant during this time

2. Whitehouse's copyist fails to note that on March 16 Whitehouse had an incident with one of the locals. Clark writes, "one Indian much displeased with whitehouse for Strikeing his hand when eating with a Spoon for behaveing badly." (back)