March 7, 1805
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March 7, 1805


a little Cloudy and windey N E.    the Coal visited us with a Sick child, to whome I gave Some of rushes Pills—    Shabounar returned this evening from the Gross Vintres & informed that all the nation had returned from the hunting—    he our menetarre interpeter had received a present from Mr. Chaboilleiz of the N. W. Company of the following articles 3 Brace [1] of Cloath 1 Brace of Scarlet a par Corduroy Overalls 〈Coats〉 1 Vests 1 Brace Blu Cloth 1 Brace red or Scarlet with 3 bars, 200 balls & Powder, 2 bracs Tobacco, 3 Knives.—


Thursday 7th March 1805.    clear but Some colder than it has been for Several days past. Some of the perogue men who came to the Fort last night for provisions returned back this morning.    two men went up to the villages to day.

1. The brace as a measure of length equaled the span of the two extended arms; the French brasse was about sixty-four inches. (back)