March 12, 1805
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March 12, 1805


12th    a fine day    Some Snow last night    our Interpeter Shabonah, detumins on not proceeding with us as an interpeter under the terms mentioned yesterday    he will not agree to work let our Situation be what it may not Stand a guard, and if miffed with any man he wishes to return when he pleases, also have the disposial of as much provisions as he Chuses to Carrye.

in admissable and we Suffer him to be off the engagement which was only virbal [1] wind N W


Tuesday 12th March 1805.    a little Snow last night.    a clear cold morning    the River raiseing fast.    two men of the party went up to the Grossvantares Village in order to Git Some tobacco from the tradors.

1. Ordway notes on March 14 that Charbonneau "has pitched a lodge outside of the Garrison and moved out," and that Gravelines had been hired in his place, whether for the journey or only while they were at Fort Mandan is not indicated. (back)