March 20, 1805
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March 20, 1805


I visited the Mandans on the 20th & have the canoes taken to the River, ready to Decend to the fort when the River Clears,


I with all the men which could be Speared from the Fort went to 〈Perogues〉 Canoes, there I found a number of Indians    the men carried 4 [canoes] to the River about 1½ miles thro the Bottom, I visited the Chief of the Mandans in the Course of the Day and Smoked a pipe with himself and Several old men.    cloudy    wind hard from N.


Wednesday 20th March 1805.    a cloudy cool morning. Capt. Clark and Six men went up to help draw the perogues to the River Missouris.    the after part of the day pleasant.