March 22, 1805
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March 22, 1805


22nd of March 1805 [1]    Visited by the 2nd Chief of the Grand Village of the Minetarrees to whome we gave a medal & Some Clothes acknowledging him as a 2d Chief, [2] he Delayed all night, & Saw the men Dance, which is common amusement with the men    he returned the 23rd with Mr. La Rocque & McKinsey two of the N W. Companys Clerks—    Some few Drops of rain this evening for the first time this Winter    visited by many Indians to day—


23rd of March    Friday 1805    a Cloudy Day visited by Mrs. Lack [Larocque] McKinsey & the 2d Chief of the Bigbellies, the white wolf and many other Menataries, we gave a Medal Some Clothes and wampoms to the 2 Chief and Delivered a Speach, which they all appeared well pleased with    in The evening the men Danced    Mr. Jessomme displeased


Friday 22nd March 1805.    a clear pleasant morning.    the wind from the S. E. Savages continue to bring us Some corn    a nomber of the Grossvantares Savages came to visit our officers with Mr. McKinzey & Mr Larouck.    our Captains made a chief & Gave him a meddel and an artillery coat a Shirt knife &.C. Rives took home his perogue. [4]


Friday March 22d    We had some Rain this morning, but it continued but a short time, the weather being cloudy & cold.

1. The date is in red ink with some overwriting of usual ink. (back)
2. The Codex C entry (misdated March 23) refers to "the 2d Chief of the Big Bellies, the white wolf and many other Minataries," making it unclear whether the second chief and White Wolf are the same or not. White Wolf is presumably Man Wolf Chief, son of Cherry Grows on a Bush. The Grand Village is Big Hidatsa, the northernmost village (see Atlas map 29). If the second chief is not White Wolf, he could be the brother of Le Borgne who visited on March 23, since the second chief returned that day. The Field Notes entry implies that the second chief was acknowledged by the captains on March 22, rather than on October 29, 1804, when the grand council was held. Since Man Wolf Chief was absent on a war party at the time of this council, this could be the reason for the delay, if the two are the same. (back)
3. From March 22 through March 31, 1805, Clark has misdated his Codex C entries. Biddle has corrected them in red ink, but his numbers are not included here. (back)
4. Probably Rivet, but the meaning is unclear. (back)