March 24, 1805
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March 24, 1805


25h of March 1805    prepareing to Set out    Saw Swan passing N E.


a Cloudy morning    wind from the N E    the after part of the Day fair, Several Indians visit us to day, prepareing to Set out on our journey    Saw Swans & wild Gees flying N E this evening


Sunday 24th March 1805.    cloudy.    6 men Sent up to take the perogues down to the Fort, but they returned about noon without them as they were not corked nor made ready.    [several words erased, illegible] two men making cages for the Magpyes and the prarie hens which is to be Sent down the River. [2]

1. Clark's entries in the Field Notes from this date are misdated, like his Codex C entries, through March 30, 1805. (back)
2. Lewis and Clark sent live specimens of four black-billed magpies, a prairie dog (not mentioned here), and a sharp-tailed grouse, Tympanuchus phasianellus, to Jefferson in April 1805. The grouse did not survive, but Jefferson did receive a lone magpie and a single prairie dog. (back)