March 25, 1805
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March 25, 1805


26h    The ice broke up in Several places in the evenig    broke away and was nearly takeing off our new Canoes    river rise a little


a find Day    wind S. W.    but fiew Inds visit us to day the Ice haveing broken up in Several places, The ice began to brake away this evening and was near distroying our Canoes as they wer decnding to the fort, river rose only 9 Inches to day    prepareing to Depart

Observed ☉'s magnetic Azimuth with Circumferenter S. 60° W.
  h  m  s
Time by Chronometer    P. M.   5  7  49
Altitude of ☉s L. L. by Sextant 32° 2'  0"
☉'s Magnetic Azimuth by Circumferenter      S. 63° W.
  h   m   s
Time by Chronometer    P. M.   5  11  31
Altitude of ☉'s L. L. by Sextrand 30° 49' 15"
☉'s Magnetic Azimuth by Circumferentr. S. 63° W
  h   m   s
Time by Chronometer    P. M.   5  19  30
Altd. by Sextant of ☉'s L. L. 28° 13' 30"

Monday 25th March 1805.    clear and pleasant.    2 men Set at making a Stearing oar for the Big Barge &.C.    others Shelling corn &.C.—

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