April 2, 1805
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April 2, 1805


April the 2nd    a Cold rain day    we are writeing and prepareing dispatches all day—    I conclude to Send my journal to the President of the United States in its original State for his own perusial, untill I call for it or Some friend if I should not return, an this journal is from the 13th of May 1804 untill the 3rd of April 1805. [1]    wrote untill verry late at night but little time to devote to my friends, [2] the river is falling fast.


a cloudy day rained all the last night    we are preparing to Set out    all thing nearly ready. The 2d Chief of the 2d Mandan Village took a miff at our not attending to him perticelarely after being here about ten [NB: ten] day and moved back to his village

The mandans Killed twenty one elk yesterday 15 miles below this, they were So meager that they Scercely fit for use


Tuesday April 2nd 1805. [3]    the wind blew high from N. W. all the later part of the night.    a Cloudy morning.    the wind rises from N. W.    the River fell 5 Inches Since yesterday morning

Tuesday 2nd April 1805.    cloudy.    the wind blew high all the later part of last night from the N. W.    the later part of the day plsant.


Tuesday April 2nd    This day the weather was cold & in the fore part of the day it froze.    The latter part we had Blustry weather—

1. See the Introduction, for a discussion of which journal Clark means here. (back)
2. Clark presumably means that he had little time to write letters to family and friends to be sent with the downriver party. (back)
3. Following this first entry for the day, Ordway left a portion of the page blank, then three more blank pages. (back)