May 15, 1805
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May 15, 1805


as soon as a slight shower of rain passed over this morning, we spread the articles to dry which had got wet yesterday in the white perogue; tho' the day proved so cloudy and damp that they received but little benifit from the sun or air; we were enabled to put them in such a state as to prevent their sustaining further injury.    our hunters killed several deer, and saw three bear one of which they wounded.


Our medisons, Instruments, merchandize, Clothes, provisions &c. &c. which was nearly all wet we had put out to air and dry.    the day being Cloudy & rainey those articles dried but little to day—    our hunters killed Several deer &c. and Saw three Bear one of which they wounded &c.

We see Buffalow on the banks dead, others floating down dead, and others mired every day, those buffalow either drown in Swiming the river or brake thro' the ice


Wednesday 15th May 1805. [1]    cloudy.    we delayed to dry the goods. Some men went up the River a hunting    the day unfavorable to dry the goods.    a Small Shower of rain about 11 oClock.    continued cloudy all day    towards evening the hunters returned.    had killed one buffaloe Seven deer and four beaver.    the party dressed Skins.


Wednesday 15th.    We remained here all day to dry our baggage that had got wet. It was cloudy and unfavourable for the purpose, and some rain fell.


Wednesday 15th May 1805.    cloudy.    we delayed to dry the goods which was wet, opened them but Soon had to cover them again for a Shower of rain which lasted about one hour, then we opened them again.    Several men out a hunting, they all returned towards evening.    had killed one buffaloe 7 Deer and 4 beaver.    Stayed here all day & dressed Skins &c.

Wednesday May 15th    This morning we had Cloudy weather.    We delayed here to dry the Goods, that got wet Yesterday.—    they were all opened but we had to cover them again soon, A Shower of rain coming on, which lasted about One hour, when it cleared off.—    The Goods were all opened again to dry, several of our Men 〈Some of our party〉 went out hunting this morning, and all returned towards Evening, they had killed one Buffalo 7 deer & 4 Beaver.    We staid here this day some of the party were employed in dressing Skins &ca.

1. At the top of the page preceding this entry are the words, "Journal continues," apparently in Ordway's hand. (back)