July 7, 1805
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July 7, 1805


The weather warm and cloudy therefore unfavourable for many operations; I keep small fires under the boat; the blowing flies are innumerable about it; the moisture retained by the bark prevents it from drying as fast as it otherwise would.    we dispatched two other hunters to kill Elk or buffaloe for their skins to cover our baggage.    we have no tents; the men are therefore obliged to have recourse to the sails for shelter from the weather and we have not more skins than are sufficient to cover our baggage when stoed away in bulk on land.    many of the men are engaged in dressing leather to cloath themselves.    their leather cloathes soon become rotton as they are much exposed to the water and frequently wet. Capt. Clarks black man York is very unwell today and he gave him a doze of tartar emettic [1] which operated very well and he was much better in the evening.    this is a discription of medecine that I nevr have recourse to in my practice except in cases of the intermittent fever.    this evening the hunters returned with the canoes and brought thre buffaloe skins only and two Antelope 4 deer and three wolf skins; they reported that the buffaloe had gone further down the river. the two hunters whom we sent out from hence returned also without having killed anything except one Elk. I set one of the party at work to make me some sacks of the wolf skins, to transport my Instruments when occasion requirs their being carried any distance by land.—    we had a light shower of rain about 4 P. M. attended with some thunder and lightning.    one beaver caught this morning.    the musquetoes are excessively troublesome to us. I have prepared my composition which I should have put on this evening but the rain prevented me.


A Warm day wind from the S. W Cloudy as usial, the four men hunters did not return last night.    dispatched 2 men to kill Elk for the use of their Skin for the boat.    my man York Sick, I give him a dosh of Tarter. Some rain in the after part of the day    in the evining the hunters returned with three buffalow Skins two goat Skins, four Deer Skins, two deer, & 3 wolve Skins, to be used in Covering the boat Canoes & to make mockersons, one Elk also killed to day


July 7th Sunday 1805.    a clear pleasant morning.    one man caught a beaver last night.    two hunters Set out across the river eairly in order to hunt Elk for 1 or 2 Skins &C.    we finished off the Iron boat and put hir up in an open place to dry &C.    the day warm.    in the afternoon Some Thunder the musquetoes troublesome at this Camp    a light Shower of rain.    about 4 oClock the hunters returned.    had killed Several buffalow and buffalow calfs one Elk and Several wolves.    they brought in the Skins which will answer to cover our crafts &C.    the 2 hunters returned from the other Shore. had killed 4 Deer & one antelope.—


Sunday 7th.    The morning was fine. The hunters had remained out all night. In the evening some few drops of rain fell; and the hunters came in; but had not had good luck, the buffaloe being mostly out in the plains. At night we got our boat finished, all but greasing; and she was laid out to dry.


July 7th Sunday 1805.    a clear pleasant morning.    one man caught a beaver last night.    2 hunters Set out across the river this morning to attempt to kill 1 or 2 Elk for their Skins.    we finished off the Iron boat and put hir up in an open place to dry.    the day warm.    I am employed makeing leather cloaths for the party &c.    Some Thunder and a light Shower of rain.    about 4 oClock the hunters returned had killed Several buffalow, one Elk and Several wolves &c.    they brought in Some Skins to cover the crafts with &c.    the 2 hunters returned from across the river    had killed 4 Deer and one antelope &c.—

Sunday July 7th    A Clear pleasant morning, One of our party caught a beaver last night & two of our hunters set out, and went across the River this morning, in Order to kill Elk for their Skins—    We finished off the Iron boat, and fix'd her in an open place to dry.—    The day proved warm & some of the party was employed in making Cloathes out of dressed leather for the party, We had some thunder, & light showers of Rain.    About 4 o'Clock P. M. the hunters returned, they had killed several buffalo, one Elk, and several Wolves, they brought with them some Skins to cover the Crafts with, Meat &ca    The two hunters also returned that had went across the River, they had also killed 4 deer, One Antelope &ca.—

1. Tartar emetic is a white salt compound of potassium, antimony, oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen, soluble in water and used to induce vomiting. Chuinard (OOMD), 297 n. 15. (back)