Weather, July 1805
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Weather, July 1805

Day of
State of
the ther-
at ☉rise

at ☉rise

State of
the Ther-
at 4 P.M.

4 P.M.

4 P.M.
State of the river
raised       Inches
or             &
fallen Feet Parts
1st 59 a f S. W. 74 a f. S.W. r               ½
2cd 60 a f a r S. W. 78 a f. S W  
3rd       58 a [2] f S. W 74 a c a f & r S W  
4th 52 a f S. W. 76 a f a r S. W. f               ¼
5th 49 a f a h & r [3] S W 72 a f S W. f               ½
6th 47 a c a h r T & L. S. W. 74 a f a c S. W f               ¼
7th 54 a c. a. f. S W 77 a r. a. c. S W f               ¼
8th 60 a f S W. 78 a f. a. r. S. W. f               ¼
9th 56 a f S W. 76 a c. a. r N. W. f               ¼
10th 52 a f a. r S. W. 66 a f S. W.  
11th 46 a f S W. 70 a f S. W.  
12th 50 a f S. W. 74 a f S W. f               ¼
13th 42 a f S W. 76 a f S. W. f               ¼
14th 45 a f S W. 78 a c. a. r S. W.  
15th 60 a f. a. r. S W. 76 a f S W. f            1 ½
16th 53 a f S W. 80 a f S W. f               ¾
17th 58 a f S. W. 81 a f S. W f            1 ½
      18th [4] 60 a f S W 84 a f S W  
19th 62 a f S W 68 a c a h & r S. W f               ½
20th 59 a f a r S W. 60 a f N. W  
21st 60 a f N W 67 a f N W f               ½
22nd 52 a f N W 80 a f N. E.  
23rd 54 a f S W. 80 a c. S W f               ½
24th 60 a f S W 90 a f S. W. f               ¾
25th 60 a f S. W. 86 a f S W. f               ½
26th 60 a f S W. 82 a C. a. r. S W f               ¾
27th 52 a C S W 80 a C. a. r S. W. f               ¾
28th 49 a f. a. r S W 90 a f S. W. f               ½
29th 54 a f. a. r N. 82 a f N. E. r               ½
30th 50 a f S. E. 80 a f S. E.  
31st 48 a f S W. 92 a f S. W.  
[Remarks] [5]
[July] 1st wind hard during greater part of the day.—
  2nd some rain just before sun rise
  3rd slight rain in the evening.
  4th heavy dew this morning.    slight sprinkle of rain at 2 P. M. [6]
  5th heavy shower of rain and hail last evening at 9 P. M.    some
thunder & L[ightning]
  6th wind high all day. [7] A heavy wind from the S. W. attended
with rain about the middle of the last night.    about day had
a violent thunderstorm attended with Hail and rain.    the
Hail Covered the ground and was about the Size of Mus-
quet balls. I have Seen only one black bird [8] killed with the
hail, and am astonished that more have not Suffered in a
similar manner as they are abundant, and I Should Sup-
pose the hail Sufficiently heavy to kill them.
  7th a Shower at 4 P. M.
  8th I finish taking the hight of the falls of the Missouri [9]
  10th wind hard all day. [10]
  11th wind hard all day
  12th wind violent all day.
  13th Wind violent in the latter part of the day
  15th Set out from our upper camp above the falls [11]
  18th I set out in Search of the Indians [12]
  19th Thunder Storm ½ after 3 P. M.
  22nd overtake Capt Clark [13]
  23rd he sets out again this morning
  25th Snow appears on the mountains ahead.
  27th a considerable fall of rain unattended with Lightning. Capt
rejoins me [14]
  30th Set out from 3 forks [15]
1. Lewis has weather notes for this month in Codex Fe and Codex P; Clark's are in Codex I. This table follows Codex Fe, with discrepancies noted. (back)
2. Lewis in Codex P and Clark in Codex I have "56." (back)
3. Clark has only "H & r"; Lewis has only "f H & R" in Codex P. (back)
4. For this day Clark notes that the river fell one-half inch. (back)
5. The remarks follow Lewis's marginal remarks in Codices Fe and P. Some of the remarks appear to be in Clark's handwriting. Clark has some marginal remarks in Codex I, other than those he copied from Lewis, which are noted below. (back)
6. Clark in Codex I has, "everything across the portage." (back)
7. The remainder of this entry is from a separate remark in Codices Fe and P. (back)
8. Perhaps the common grackle, Quiscalus quiscula [AOU, 511], although other black birds are possible. (back)
9. Clark's remark from Codex I. (back)
10. Clark in Codex I has, "I took 8 men in Search of timber to build 2 canoes." (back)
11. Clark adds, "where we built 2 canoes." (back)
12. Clark's remark from Codex I. (back)
13. Clark in Codex I has, "over taken by the party after being out [blank] Days in Search of the Indians." (back)
14. Clark adds, "I join the party at the 3 forks verry Sick." (back)
15. Clark's remark from Codex I. (back)