October 2, 1805
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October 2, 1805


dispatch 2 men & an Indian up to the villages we first Came too to purchase roots fish &c.    nothing to eate but roots.    gave a small pice of Tobacco to the Indians, 3 broachs & 2 rings with my Handkerchif divided between 5 of them. I walked on the hills to hunt to day, Saw only one deer, Could kill nothing    day excesively hot in the river bottom    wind North, Burning out the hotter [hollow?] of our canoes, men Something better    nothing except a Small Prarie wolf Killed to day, our Provisions all out except what fiew fish we purchase of the Indians with us; we kill a horse for the men at work to eate &c. &c.


Despatched 2 men Frasure & S. Guterich back to the village with 1 Indian & 6 horses to purchase dried fish, roots &c.    we have nothing to eate but roots, which give the men violent pains in their bowels after eating much of them. To the Indians who visited us yesterday I gave divided my Handkerchief between 5 of them, with a Small piece of tobacco & a pece of riebin & to the principal men each a ring & brooch. I walked out with my gun on the hills which is verry Steep & high could kill nothing. day hot wind N. Hunters killed nothing excep a Small Prarie wolf. Provisions all out, which Compells us to kill one of our horses to eate and make Suep for the Sick men.


Wednesday 2nd Oct. 1805.    a fair morning    two men [1] Sent with Six horses up to the villages in order to purchase a quantity of Sammon and root bread which the Natives call Commass.    one hunter out in the hills    we continued on with the work.    towards evening the hunter came to Camp    had killed nothing but one prarie wolf which we eat.    the party are so weak and unwell living without meat that our officers thought proper with the oppinion of the party to kill a good horse which was done and we eat the meat as earnest as though it had been the best meat in the world.    in the evening we bought a fiew fresh Sammon and a little Commass from the Savages who are Camped near us.


Wednesday 2nd.    Two men were sent to the Indian village to purchase some provisions, as our hunters do not kill enough for us to subsist on. And least the Indian provisions should not agree with us, we killed one of our horses.

On the third, the men were employed as usual; on the morning of the fourth there was a white frost, after it a fine day. In the evening our two men returned, with a good supply of such provisions as the natives have.


Wednesday 2nd October 1805.    a fair morning.    two men Sent up to the villages with Six of our horses and Some marchandize to trade for Sammon and their kind of bread &c.    we continued our work as usal at the canoes.    Some hunters out in the hills a hunting.    towards evening the hunters returned    had killed nothing but one prarie wolf, which we eat.    the party are So weak working without any kind of meat, that we concluded to kill a horse and accordingly we did kill a horse which was in tollarable order, and we eat the meat with good Stomacks as iver we did fat beef in the States.—    we bought a fiew fresh Sammon & Some root bread from the natives &c.—

Wednesday October 2nd    A pleasant morning, Two of our Men were sent up to the Indian Villages, with six of our horses & some Merchandise to trade with the Indians for Salmon & their root bread.    We continued our work at the Canoes as usual, and some of our hunters were sent out go into the Hills a hunting.    Towards evening those hunters returned & had killed nothing but a Priari wolf, which was eat by our party.—

The party that were at work on the Canoes were so weak for want of meat, that our officers concluded on having a horse killed, which was done & it being in good order, the Men eat the flesh of it with as good a relish as they would have done had it been a Stalled fed beef.—    The Natives came to our camp towards evening, & brought with them some fresh Salmon & Root bread, which we purchased from them.—

1. Frazer and Goodrich, according to Clark. (back)