December 19, 1805
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December 19, 1805


Some rain with intervales of fair weather last night, The morning Clear and wind from S W.    I despatched Sjt. Pryer with 8 men in 2 Canoes across the bay [1] for the boads of an Indian house which is abandoned, the other part of the men continue to doe a little at the huts, the after part of the day Cloudy with hail & rain, Sgt. Pryer and party returned with 2 Canoes loads of Boards, two Indians Came & Stayed but a Short time


Some rain with intervales of fair weather last night, this morning Clear & the wind from the S, W.    we dispatched Sjt. Pryor with 8 men in 2 Canoes across Meriwethers Bay for the boards of an old Indian house which is vacant, the residue of the men at work at their huts—    the after part of the Day Cloudy with Hail and rain, Serjt. Pryor & party returned in the evening with a load of old boards which was found to be verry indifferent

2 Indians Cam and Stayed a Short time to day


Thursday 19th Decr. 1805.    rained all last night, and continues hard this morng. I was taken verry unwell last night.    the men in general are in good health. Several of the Clatsop Savages came to visit us &C.


Thursday 19th.    This was a fine clear cool morning, and we expected to have some fair pleasant weather, but at noon it became cloudy again and began to rain.


Thursday Decemr 19th    It rained hard all last night, & continued the same this morning.    Serjeant Ordway was very sick, but the Men in general continue in good health, notwithstanding the bad weather & hardships that they undergo.—    We continued to work on our huts, but have not a sufficiency of plank to cover them.    We had during this day a number of Indians in our camp.    they came in Canoes to see us.—

1. Youngs (Meriwether's) Bay. As far as Atlas map 82 indicates, the abandoned house could have been near Point Adams. (back)