Weather, August 1806
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Aug 30, 1803 Sep 30, 1806

Weather, August 1806


day of the
State of
the weather
at ☉ rise

Wind at
☉ rise
State of
the weather
at 4 P. M.

Wind at
at 4 P. M.
1st r a r N E r a r N W
2cd f a r N W f. N W
3rd f S E f. S E
4th f S E f. S E
5th c a f N W f. S. E.
6th f a r T & L N. E. f. N. E.
7th r a r N E c a r N E
8th f N. E f N E
9th f N E f. S. E.
10th f N. E c a r N E
11th f N. E f. N W
12th f N W
[Remarks] [2]
  2cd it became fair soon after dark last evening and continued so.—
  6th a violent gust of Thunder Lightning wind and hail last night.
  7th rained from 12 last night untill 10 A M today—.
  8th wind hard but not so much so as to detain us.—
  9th heavy dew last night.    air cold.
10th a slight shower about 3 P. M.    wind hard.
11th air cool this evening    wind hard.
12th wind violent last night.
day of
State of
the weather
at Sun rise
State of
wind at
State of
the weather
at 4 P. M.

Wind at
4 P. M.

rise or
State of river

part of
1st c. a. r N. W. r. N. ris 5 ½
2nd c. a. r. N. f. a. r. N r 3
3rd f. S W f. S W. rise 2 ¼
4th N W. f. N E fal 6 ½
5th f N. E. f N. E. fal 7
6th C a r T & L S W. f. N E fall 2 ½
7th r. N. E. c. a. r. N. fall 2 ½
8th f N. f. N. W. fall 2
9th f. N. E f. N. E. fall 1 ¼
10th f. E. c. E. fall ¾
11th f. N. W. f. N. W fall 2
12th f. S. W. c S W. fall 2 ¼
13th f. a. r. S W f. S. W. fall 2 ½
14th f. N. E. f. S W. fall 3 ½
15th f. N W f. N. W f. 2
16th f. N W f N. W f. 3 ½
17th c. S E c. S. E
18th C a r S E f. S. E f 1 ½
19th T. L. & r. S E c.— S. E f ¾
20th C. a. T. L & r S W. f. N. W f 1 ¼
21st f. S. E. f. N. W f 2 ½
22d c. a. r S W f. S E f 4
23rd C S E r. N. W f 1 ½
24th f. N E f. N W f 2 ¾
25th f. S W. f. N W f 1 ¼
26th f. S. E f. S. E. f ¾
27th f. S. E. f. S. E f 1 ¼
28th f. S. E f. N W
29th c. N W f. a. r. S E f ½
30th c. a. r S E f. S. E.
31st c. a. r. T & L. & w S E c. a. r S E
[Remarks] [4]
1st rained last night and all day to day at intervales
2nd rained a little late night and Several Showers this morng
3d Musquetors troublesom. I arive at the Missouri.    heavy dew.
4th Rochejhone falling much faster than the Missouri
5th Musquetors excessively troublesom    both rivers falling.
6th rained hard last night with Thunder Lightning & hard wind
from S. W.    killed a white Bear & Bighorn.
7th Commenced raining at daylight and contined at intervals all
day.    air Cool.
8th air cool. Sergt. pryor arrive in Skin Canoes.
9th a heavy dew.    air cool and clear    found red goose berries [5] and
a dark purple current & Service's
10th found a Species of Cherry [6] resembling the read Heart cherry
of our country.
11th sarvis berries in abundance & ripe.
12th Capt. Lewis overtake me with the party
13th a fiew drops of rain last night at 8 P. M with hard S W wind
14th Mandan Corn 〈is r[ipe?]〉 now full and beginning to harden
16th Northern lights [7] Seen last night which was in Streaks
17th leave the Mandans.
18th rained moderately last night in forpart of the night.
19th Comenced raining at 5 A. M and Continued with a hard wind
untill [blank]
21st rained a little in the course of the night.    at day a violent hard
Shower for ½ an hour
22nd rained the greater part of last night.    grape and plums ripe. [8]
The rains which have fallen in this month is most Commonly
from flying Clouds which pass in different directions, those
Clouds are always accompanied with hard winds and Some-
times accompanied with thunder and lightning—    The river
has been falling moderately Since the third of the month.    the
rains which has fallen has no impression on the river than
Causing it to be more muddy and probably prevents its falling
23d rained at 10 A M. & 4 P M    hard wind
24th wind blew hard all day    grapes in abundance.
26th Heavy dew this morning. Saw a pilecan
27th first Turkeys at Tylor River above the big bend
29th Some rain this morning only a fiew drops and at 10 A. M.
30th a fiew drops of rain last night    I Saw the Tetons.
31st rained most of last night with T. Li. & a hard wind from the S. W.
some rain to day.
1. Lewis's weather table for August 1806 is in Codex L, p. 145. He apparently ceased keeping it after his reunion with Clark on August 12, as with his other journal-keeping, due to the wound he received on the eleventh. Clark's weather table appears separately. (back)
2. These remarks are found only in the margin of Lewis's weather table. (back)
3. Clark's weather table for August 1806 appears in Codex M, pp. 146–47 reading backwards). (back)
4. Clark has a number of remarks in the margin of his weather table for this month. There is only one separate remark for the month, on the twenty-second. See note for that date. (back)
5. See botanical notes for August 9, 1806. (back)
6. Pin cherry. The "read Heart" cherry is probably the black cherry; see Lewis's entry of August 12, 1806. (back)
7. Aurora borealis. (back)
8. Clark's only separate remark for the month begins here with "The rains." (back)