September 24, 1806
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September 24, 1806


I sleped but little last night    however we rose early and Commencd wrighting our letters    Capt. Lewis wrote one to the presidend [1] and I wrote Govr. Harrison [2] & my friends in Kentucky [3] and Sent of George Drewyer with those letters to Kahoka & delivered them to Mr. Hays [4] &.    we dined with Mr. Chotoux to day, and after dinner went to a Store and purchased Some Clothes, which we gave to a Tayler and derected to be made. Capt Lewis in opening his trunk found all his papers wet, and Some Seeds spoiled [5]

1. See Lewis to Jefferson, September 23, 1806, Jackson (LLC), 1:319–24. (back)
2. William Henry Harrison, an old army comrade of Clark's and now governor of Indiana Territory. (back)
3. Clark's letter to his relatives in Kentucky was probably intended for publication, and was in fact the first published report of the expedition. Lewis actually composed the first draft, which Clark copied. Clark to [George Rogers Clark?], September 23, 1806, Lewis's draft of Clark's Letter, September 24, 1806, Jackson (LLC), 1:325–35. In October 1990 the Filson Club of Louisville, Kentucky, received a number of Clark's letters written to his brother Jonathan. What had previously been suspected as a letter to George Rogers Clark on September 23, 1806, appeared among the new collection addressed to Jonathan. Jackson surmised that the letter might well have been intended for Jonathan when he gave George Rogers as the possible addressee. (back)
4. Clark probably means Hay again. (back)
5. The remaining half-page (p. 77 of Codex N) is blank. (back)