A narrated segment introducing Moulton and the journal project

Narrator: Gary Moulton recently published The Definitive Journals of Lewis and Clark. Moulton's 13 volume collection is the result of a painstaking twenty year process. Original maps and journals used by Lewis and Clark were carefully studied and edited.

Moulton: They would pull these diaries out that Lewis and Clark had kept and enlisted men had written in over the years of the expedition and I got to work right there with the original materials. To … touch the original materials is a real thrill.

Narrator: Moulton said his commitment to the project never faded. Instead he found the project challenging and intellectually stimulating.

Moulton: You can come at it looking at scientific endevors, you can look at the adventures, you can look at the landscape, you can look at the party. There are just so many elements.

Narrator: These edited diaries have the distinction of being the only comprehensive collection available.