Excerpt 5

This is what I am telling. Then when I thought about it, I think it's about three hundred or four hundred snows ago, and even beyond that time, is what I am telling you about. These are true stories. These stories were interpreted to my paternal grandmothers, my maternal grandfathers and my paternal grandfathers by their great-great grandparents, their great grandparents a long time ago. These are true stories . . . Then, as time went by, the Indians saw the whiteman. They felt pity for the whiteman, because their faces were pale, whitish, and they had beards. The white men looked as if they were cold because their faces were pale and red. Then, when the Indians met the whiteman (because they had already landed), then the Indians spread out their fur blankets and motioned to the white men to sit on the blankets. Their chief told them, “Spread out the fur blankets so that the white men can sit on them because maybe they are cold.” The Indians thought the white men were cold because they were white-faced.