September 5, 1803
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September 5, 1803


Again foggey, loaded both my canoes and waited till the fogg disappeared    set out at 8 OCl.    had some difficulty in passing several riffles today but surmounted it without having recorse to horses or oxen—    rained at six this evening and continued with some intervals through the night to rain pretty heard; took up at the head of Brown's Island; [1] it grew very dark and my canoes which had on board the most valuable part of my stores had not come up, ordered the trumpet [2] to be sound and they answered.—    they came up in a few minutes after; the stores in the canoes being well secured with oil cloth I concluded to let them remain on board and directed that the water which they maid should be bailed out of them occasionally through the night, which was done—    they still leaked considerably notwithstanding the repairs which I had made on them; we came 16 miles this day;

1. Present-day Brown's Island, where Lewis apparently camped for the night, is located opposite the town of Weirton, Hancock County, West Virginia. The name is from a nearby landowner of the period. Thwaites (EWT), 4:105-6. (back)
2. Probably one of the "4 Tin blowing Trumpets" purchased in Philadelphia, which would be more convenient for signaling on this expedition than the drums and fifes used by the military at this period. Lewis's List [June 30, 1803], Jackson (LLC), 1:71, 95. (back)