September 12, 1803
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September 12, 1803


12th Septr.    set out at sunrise    it began to rain and continued with some intervals untill three in the evening    passed several bad riffles and one particularly at the lower end of the long reach called Willson's riffle [1] here we were obliged to cut a channel through the gravel with our spade and canoe paddles and then drag the boat through [2]    we were detained about 4 hours before we accomplished this task and again continued our rout and took up on the N. W. shore near a yankey farmer from whom I perchased some corn and pittatoes for my men and gave him in exchange a few lbs. of lead, we came 20 miles this day— [3]

1. Across from "Wilson's" Island—perhaps present Mill Creek islandCramer noted a "run." But this would put Lewis above his previous night's encampment, as he described it. He may not have spent the night just below the fifth island of the Long Reach as he supposed. Cramer (6th), 50. (back)
2. Lewis described this process at length to Jefferson, September 13, 1803, Jackson (LLC), 1:124. (back)
3. In Washington County, Ohio, about nine miles above Marietta. Quaife (MLJO), 43 n. 3. (back)