September 13, 1803
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September 13, 1803


13th This morning being clare we persued our journey at sunrise and after passing a few riffles over which we had to lift the boat we arrived at Marietta, [1] the mouth of the Muskingum river, at 7 OClock in the evening    observid many pigeons [2] passing over us pursuing a south East course. The squirrels still continue to cross the river from N. W. to S. E.—Marietta is one hundred miles from Wheeling; lay here all night    wrote to the President of U.S. [3]    dismissed two of my hands, one of whome by the name of Wilkinson I had engaged at Georgetown, the other Saml. Mongomery, I engaged at Wheeling, my party from Pittsburgh to Mackintosh was 11 [written over 10] strong from thence to georgetown 10 [written over 11], from thence to Wheeling 11 [written over 10], from thence to Muskingum 13 [perhaps written over 12], from thence to Limestone 12, [4] at Wheeling I engaged Mongomery and a young man come on board and agreed to work his passage, on the same terms I engaged another at Marietta or the mouth of Muskingum[5]    This evening was visited by Colo. Green [6] the Postmaster at this place, he appears to be much of a gentleman and an excelant republican.—

1. Marietta in Washington County, Ohio, the oldest settlement in the state, was founded in April 1788, at the mouth of the Muskingum River. The town became a base for white expansion north of the Ohio. Walker, 84–88; Wittke, 1:279–90; Roseboom & Weisenburger, 84–85; Thwaites (EWT), 4:123–26. (back)
2. Passenger pigeons, Ectopistes migratorius [AOU, 315], which in Lewis and Clark's time flew in such great flocks as to obscure the sun. The last one died on September 1, 1914, in the Cincinnati Zoo. Cutright (HLCJ), 141. (back)
3. September 13, 1803, Jackson (LLC), 1:124. (back)
4. Present Maysville, Kentucky, was once called Limestone, but it would certainly be out of place here. From its appearance, the word may have been added later. Ibid., 1:125 n. 1. (back)
5. Unable to identify the various personnel here counted by Lewis and their number is uncertain as well. (back)
6. Griffin Greene was one of the founders of Marietta and a director of the Ohio Company. Quaife (MLJO), 44 n. 2. (back)