November 14, 1803
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November 14, 1803


14th Novr.    set out by light at sunrise    I took a doze of Rush's pills [1] which operated extremly well and I found myself much to my satisfaction intirely clear of fever by the evening.    passed Wilkinson ville [2] about 12 Oclock oposite to which is the first or great chain of rocks streching in an oblique manner across the Oho    this evening landed on the point at which the Ohio and Mississippi form there junchon [3]    felt myself much better but extreemly weak—

1. The pills (provided by Benjamin Rush) were a strong laxative. They consisted generally of ten grains of calomel, or mercurous chloride, and fifteen grains of jalap, or pulvis jalap, from the roots of the Exogonium jalapa of Mexico. They were used extensively on the expedition for treating gastrointestinal disturbances. Chuinard, 121–44, 155–56; Cutright (IGHB), 98. (back)
2. Cantonment Wilkinson-Ville was established about 1787 as an outpost of Fort Massac in what is now Pulaski County, Illinois, and was named for General James Wilkinson. It was probably abandoned by 1804. Illinois Guide, 432–33; Thwaites (EWT), 4:278; Cramer (6th), 81. (back)
3. The site of present Cairo, Alexander County, Illinois. (back)