December 6, 1803
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December 6, 1803


December 6th    at the mo. of the Leagle—.    A Dark wet morning    I was informed this morning that Capt Lewis passd by this place yesterday on his way to St Louis accompanied by an Officer. [1] I set out this morning 〈about〉 at 11 oClock, after receiving a Small Supply of Provisions on Board; (1) passed a Bieaue [bayou] which Comunicates with Leagle Creek    (2) passed the Lower Point of the first Island at ½ a mile also the upper point at 2½ miles, a Small creek of runing water opposite on the Larbd. Side. [2]    Passed a Small Isld. near the middle of the river nearly opposite the upper point of the last on the Larbd. Side of this Island the current is verry Swift, Seting imediately against the high lands, which terminates in a Bluff at the river    (3) pass'd a Small Creek of running water on the Larbd. Side above the last Island    (4) passd. the mouth of a Small Creek Lbd Side Called little Rock Creek, [3] Several Settlements are formed on this Creek also on the River above its mouth    (5) passed two Islands [4] on the Larbd. Side, one of those Islands large and lies near the main Shore    the other verry Small with a large Sand bar—; the head of those two Ilds. are imedeately below the Meremeck River [5] (6) passed the mouth of the Merrenek and came to at a farm ¾ of a mile above, [6] this River is about 110 yards wide at its mouth.

Courses of the river &c. December 6th—
Course Time Distance Remks & Refferenes
  h m   m  
N. 12° W. 1 42   3 ¼ To the upr. pt. of a Sm: Isl: in the mid: River, psd
a Bio: Stbd Side.    (1) psd. an Isd. 2 m: long.    (2)
psd a Sm Isd. in mid: river & creek Lbd. Side
N. 10° E. 1 12   3 ¾ To a pt. on Lbd. Side    (3) psd. a smal Creek Lbd.
Side abv. the last Island.
N. 33° E. 1 42   2 ¾ To a pt. on Stbd Side nl'y opposit the mo. of the
Meremeck River    (4) psd Sm: Cr: on Lbd Side &
2 farms above    (5) psd. 2 Isd. Lbd side.
N. 31° E. 0 47   1 " To a pt. on Lbd. Side    (6) Psd. the Meremick and
come to at a farm for the night
5 23 10 ¾
1. Lewis was accompanied to St. Louis by John Hay, trader and postmaster of Cahokia, and Nicholas Jarrot, another Cahokia fur trader. Lewis to Jefferson, December 19, 1803, Jackson (LLC), 1:135 n. 2, 145–47 and n. 1. (back)
2. Perhaps Glaize Creek. (back)
4. Chesley Island and First Island appear on Raynodls & Simpson, map 3. Only Chesley Island appears today. (back)
5. Meramec River at its mouth divides Jefferson and St. Louis counties, Missouri. The name is from an Algonquian word for "catfish," used as the name of a tribe of band. Missouri Guide, 406, 449. (back)
6. A little above the Meramec River in St. Louis County . (back)