December 16, 1803
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December 16, 1803


Friday—16th    Continu to raise Cabins, Sent off C Floyd to Koho [Cahokia] with Letters for Capt Lewis to put in the post office &.   Several boats pass down to day    a Pierogue Came to, a Mr Saml Griffeth [1] good farmer who Lives 9 miles up the Misouris & a Mr. [Martin? Charles?] Gilbert [2] a Trader in Salt    the winds high to day—    Cloudy—    rais one Cabin at night    I write a Speech &c &c.

1. Samuel Griffith came from New York and settled in Missouri by 1795. His farm, situated in the neck of land separating the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers, is shown on a map by Clark in the Field Notes (see fig. 6). Osgood (FN), 4 n. 3. (back)
2. This man's given name is difficult to read both here and at another place on this sheet, where it could be "Warle" or "Warler." (back)