December 27, 1803
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December 27, 1803


December 27th Tuesday—    a fair day    I put out Blankets goods &c. &c to dry and Stored them in the Store room apparently in good order    〈I〉 nearly finish my Chimney to day    missed my observation—    at abt. 3 oClock to day three frenchmen in a Pierogue Came down pursuing a Swan [1] which they had wounded Some distance above, the Swan swan [swam] as fast as they Could row their Pierogue and I thought reather gained on the pieroge as they passed—    they Cought it 2 m below. I send home the Cart & oxen, Sent out Drewyer to hunt to day, early—    he returned Late with a Buck, he Saw three Bar [2] on the other Side of the Prarie

1. Likely the trumpeter swan, Cygnus buccinator [AOU, 181], but perhaps the tundra swan (formerly whistling swan, after Lewis and Clark), C. columbianus [AOU, 180]. (back)
2. The only bear in the area would be the black bear, Ursus americanus. Hall, 2:947–51. (back)