December 26, 1803
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December 26, 1803


〈January〉 December 26th Monday—    a Cloudy day    one of my party Killed 7 Turkeys last night at roost—    Continue working at the huts— The Ice run, This day is moderate, two men Willard & Corpl. Roberson Came home to day at about 11 oClock, Corpl White house & York Comce [commenced] sawing with the whip Saws— [2]    nothing material—

1. Several doodles at the left side of this entry and next. (back)
2. "Roberson" or Robertson is a mysterious figure; he may be the Corporal John Robinson listed on the rolls of Amos Stoddard's artillery company, from which the expedition drew several men about this time. Later on he was disciplined and apparently demoted to private (see below, Detachment Orders, March 3 and April 1, 1804); he may be the man from Stoddard's company who was sent back down the Missouri on June 12, 1804. Joseph Whitehouse is always referred to as a private hereafter; perhaps he too was reduced in rank, or possibly Clark confused him with Corporal Richard Warfington, since both men were relatively new additions to the group at this time. The reference to York is the first mention in the journals of Clark's slave. See Appendix A [v02.appendix.a]. Jackson (LLC), 1:373 n. 29. (back)