December 25, 1803
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December 25, 1803


Christmas 25th Decr: I was wakened by a Christmas discharge 〈of〉 found that Some of the party had got Drunk 〈2 fought,〉 [1] the men frolicked and hunted all day, Snow this morning, Ice run all day, Several Turkey Killed    Shields returned with a cheese & 4 lb butter, Three Indians Come to day to take Christmas with us, I gave them a bottle of whiskey and they went off after informing me that a great talk had been held and that all the nations were going to war against the Ozous [Osage?] in 3 months, one informed me that a English man 16 ms. from here told him that the Americans had the Countrey and no one was allowed to trade &c. I explained the 〈thing〉 Intention of Govmt to him, and the Caus of the possession, Drewyear Says he will go with us, at the rate ofd [offered?] [2] and will go to Massac to Settle his matters. [3]

1. There were apparently several instances of fighting among the men during the winter at Camp Dubois; see below, January 3, January 6, and April 13, 1804. It is not clear how many such incidents occurred or who was involved in the fight mentioned here. (back)
2. Twenty-five dollars per month was the amount agreed on at the first meeting of Drouillard and Lewis at Fort Massac; see above, November 11, 1803. (back)
3. Beside this entry in the left margin is written the word "Dog" in a box with apparently decorative doodles and an undetermined word in an oval. The word "Day" is written interlinearly several times. (back)