May 7, 1804
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May 7, 1804


Monday 7th    I Load the boat all day, a fair Day    Mr. Rumsey ride a public horse [1] to St Louis    a fair day    Sent Sjt. Ordway with a perogue to St Louis after Colter arrived express, [2] & [reed] [3] with a Hors & Tallow.

1. Evidently the horse was government property, perhaps one being used by the expedition. (back)
2. Colter came from St. Louis bearing Clark's commission as a second lieutenant and Lewis's letter, which expressed regret that this was not the captain's rank Clark had been led to expect and assured Clark that his authority and pay would be the same as Lewis's. They concealed Clark's rank from the rest of the expedition party. Lewis to Clark, May 6, 1804, Jackson (LLC), 1:179–80. (back)
3. The word is nearly illegible, but Moses Reed had accompanied Colter on this trip. Ibid. (back)