May 24, 1804
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May 24, 1804


Thursday May the 24th 1804    Set out early    passed a Small Isd in the Midlle of the river, opposit the on the Lbd. Side is projecting Rock of ½ a mile in extent against which the Current runs, this place is called the Devils race grounds, [1] above this Coms in a Small Creek called the little quiver, [2] a Sand Island on the Stbd Side, passed Several Islands & 2 creeks, on the Stbd Side [3] a Small Island on the Lbd Side above we wer verry near loseing our Boat in Toeing    She Struck the Sands (which is continerly roaling) 〈& turned〉 the Violence of the Current was so great that the Toe roap Broke, the boat turned Broadside, as the Current Washed the Sand from under her She wheeled & lodged on the bank below as often as three times, before we got her in Deep water, nothing Saved her but [sentence unfinished]


May 24th    Set out early, Killed a Deer last night.    examined the mens arms, & Saw that all was prepared for action, passed an [sm? i.e., small?] Island in the M. R, [Missouri River? midriver?] opposit a hard place of water called the Devill race grown, S 63° W 4 miles to a point on the Sd: Starboard Side    N 68 W to a point on Lbd Side 3 ms: Passd. a Small Willow Island on the Lbd. Side to the point of a Isd. L'Side—    S 75° W to a point on Stbd Side 3 Miles, Passed the upper point of the Island. Crossed and in a verry bad place we got our Boat a ground & She Bocke the Toe Roap & turned the Land, [bring?] [one word illegible] the in Wheeling three times, got off returned to the head of the aforesaid Island, and Came up under a falling Bank.    hard water    this place being the worst I ever Saw, I call it the retregrade bend.    Camped at an old house. [5]


Set out early    passed a Verry bad part of the River Called the Deavels race ground, this is where the Current Sets against Some projecting rocks for half a mile on the Labd. Side, above this place is the mouth of a Small Creek Called queivere, passed Several Islands, two Small Creeks on the Stbd. Side, and passed between a Isld. an the Lbd. Shore    a narrow pass above this Isld is a Verry bad part of the river, we attempted to pass up under the Lbd. Bank which was falling in So fast that the evident danger obliged us to Cross between the Starbd. Side and a Sand bar in the middle of the river, we hove up near the head of the Sand bar, the Sand moveing & banking caused us to run on the Sand. The Swiftness of the Current wheeled the boat, Broke our Toe rope, and was nearly over Setting the boat, all hand Jumped out on the upper Side and bore on that Side untill the Sand washed from under the boat and wheeled on the next bank    by the time She wheeled a 3rd Time got a rope fast to her Stern and by the means of Swimmers was Carred to Shore and when her Stern was down whilst in the act of Swinging a third time 〈She was Drawn〉 into Deep water near the Shore into Deep water near the Shore, we returned, to the Island where we Set out and assended under the Bank which I have just mentioned, as falling in, here George Drewyer & Willard, two of our men who left us at St. Charles to Come on by land joined us, we Camped about 1 mile above where we were So nearly being lost, on the Labd Side at a Plantation.    all in Spirits. This place I call the retragrade bend as we were obliged to fall back 2 miles

Course & Distance of the 24th May
S. 63° W,   4 ms. to a pt. on Stbd. Side
S. 68° W,   3 ms. to a pt.    on Lbd Side
  S. 75° W, 3 ms. to a pt. on Stbd. Side 〈Chereton 20 yds wide.〉

Thursday May the 24th 1804.    nothing remarkable as recollected    encamped on S Side


Thursday may 24th 1804    nothin Remarkable 〈as we〉    Nothing ocord this day    encamped on South Side


Thursday 24th.    We continued our voyage, and encamped at night on the south side. This day our boat turned in a ripple, and nearly upset.


[Thu]rsday 24th May 1804.    a fair morning.    we Set out eairly and proceeded on as usal    passd. timbred land on each Side    Current of the river Swift    Camped on the SouthSide.

Thursday May 24th    We started early this morning, having fair weather; and proceeded on as usual.    Passed a country that appeared to be well timbered, on both sides of the River.    The current of the River still being strong, and our course nearly West, in the evening we encamped on the south side of the River, the banks of which was high.

1. Perhaps what was later called Liffecue Rocks, in Franklin County just above the May 23 camp. The river has changed its course considerably over the years. MRC map 3; MRM map 8. (back)
2. Perhaps Fiddle Creek, just above Liffecue Rocks, in Franklin County. MRC map 3. (back)
3. Probably Sehrt Creek and Bigelow Creek, just above present Augusta in St. Charles County, Missouri. MRM map 8. (back)
4. This May 24 entry is on a sheet of the Field Notes (document 14) separate from the first (document 13). (back)
5. In Franklin County, some four or five miles below present Washington. MRC map 3. Figures written under the second May 24 entry probably represent the day's mileage: 4, 3, 2, 3, and a total of 12. The two miles' difference from the Codex A entry is the distance lost falling back, as Clark relates. (back)