June 27, 1804
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June 27, 1804


June 27th, Wednesday    a fair warm morning, the river rose a little last night.    we determin to delay at this Place three or four Days to make observations & recruit the party    Several men out Hunting, [2] unloaded one Perogue, and turned her up to Dry with a view of repairing her after Completeing a Strong redoubt or brest work frome one river to the other, of logs & Bushes Six feet high, The Countrey about the mouth of this river is verry fine on each Side as well as the North of the Missouries    the bottom, in the Point is low, & overflown for 250 yards.    it rises a little above high water mark and Continus up that hight of good quallity back to the hills [blank] 〈mile a〉 A high Clift, on the upper Side of the Kansis ½ a mile up

below the Kanses the hills is about 1½ miles from the point on the North Side of the Missouries    the Hill or high lands is Several miles back, we compareed the instrmts    Took equal altitudes, and the Meridian altituade of the Suns L L to day Lattitude 38° 31' 13" Longitude [blank]    Measured The width of the Kansas River by an angle and made it 230 yds ¼ wide, it is wider above the mouth    the Missouries at this place is about 500 yards wide, The Course from the Point down the midle. of the Missourie is S. 32° E, & turns to the North. up Do: is N 21° W. & do    do—Do.    up the right side of the Kansas is S. 54° E, & the river turns to the left, Several Deer Killed to day.


On the point formed by the confluence of the Kancez River and the Missouri, made the following observations.—

Equal altitudes of the Sun, with Sextant

  h m s   h m s
A. M. 8 22 33   3 49 19
" 23 53   " 50 39
" 25 17   " 52 3
Altd. by Sextant at the time of this observt. 81°    15'    15"
☉'s magnetic azimuth by Circumfetr. S. 81° E.
  h   m   s
Time by Chronometer    A. M.   8 22 33
Alt of ☉'s U. L. by Sextant 81° 15' 15"
Latitude of place of observation 39°   5' 25.7"
Variation of the nedle [blank]
Observed Meridian altd. of ☉'s L. L.
with Octant by the back observation



Latitude deduced from this obsert. 39° 5' 38.5"
☉'s magnetic azimuth by Circumferentr. S. 88° W.
h m s
Time by Chronometer at p. Obs. P.M. 4 52 33
Altd. of ☉'s L. L. by Sextant. 56° 51' —"
☉'s magnetic azimuth by Circumftr. S. 89° W.
h m s
Time by Chronometer    P.M. 5 2 6
Altd of ☉'s L. L. by Sextant 53 10 15

Observed magnetic azimuth of pole ★ with my Circumferenter, taking time by Chronotr. Time by Chronomtr.— ★'s magt. Azimuth

  h m s          
P.M. 9 54   N.   W.
  9 58 4   N.   W.
  10 40   N. 7 45 W.

Wednesday June 27th 1804.    all the party out eairly this morning cutting the Timber off a cross the point & made a Hadge a cross of the Timber & bushes to answer as defence & made Room for Capts to take obser. The black pearogue [4] unloaded & Turned up to mend &C. The Captains were Taking observations &C.    peter Crusat killed a Deer, The Kansas River is 230 yds. wide at the mouth & [wider?] further up, a high bank 1 mile up, fine place for a fort &.C.


wensday June 27th    〈Stayed hear〉 Lay By all this day    〈day Clouday〉    ouer Hunters Killed 5 Deer


Wendy 27th    halted at the above mentiond River 〈in the〉    Nixt morning 〈Halt〉 Cleard. off the point and formd a temperery brest work or piqct—    Least the Savages would Attempt Comeing in the Night    the Sd. River de Caugh as the[y] take the tittle from it I was Informd by One of Our Men that traded Up the River that 300 〈hund〉 Warriers lives in One Village Up the River About 50 leagues— [5]    Latd. 38D 31M 13S N    this River lies in the head of it lies S.W—    Halted—

Wednesday June 27th    We halted this day at the above mention'd place and in the morning all hands were employed in clearing the point of said River from Trees.    we then form'd a temporary breast work with pickets, in order to defend ourselves against the Indians, fearing that they might make an attack on us in the Night.    The Captains were inform'd by one of the Canadians who were with us, and who had traded up that River, that 300 Warriors lives at a Village up the said River, about 50 Leagues; The head of this River lies Southwest, this information we received from the same person, The Captains took an Observation and found the Mouth of said River to lye in Latitude 38° 31' 13 North.—

1. There are no separate entries for June 27 and 28 in the Field Notes. The entries for the two days in Codex A are given here. (back)
2. According to Ordway, one of the hunters, Cruzatte, killed a deer. (back)
3. Lewis's observation from Codex O. (back)
4. Probably the larger of the two pirogues, the red pirogue. (back)
5. This sentence is intended to explain that the Kaw, or Kansa, Indians took their name from the river, although the reverse is probably the case. (back)