July 3, 1804
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July 3, 1804


July 3rd 1804    Set out verry early this morning and proceeded on under a gentle Breeze from the South    passed two Islands    one a Small Willow Island on the L. S. (1)    The other a large Island Called Cow I. ( Isle Vache ), [2] this Island is large, opposit to the head on the S. S. is a (2) large pond, a Bad Sand bar on the S. S.    we attempted without Success, & was oblige to Cross back, I Saw a White horse on the L. S. in view of the upper point of the Island, (3) passed a large Sand bar at the S. point, w[e] halted to day about a mile above the Island and found a horse, which had been lost by the Indians, verry fat and jentle, Sent him on to join the others which was ahead on the L S    at this place, the french had a tradeing house, for to trade with the Kanzes on a high bottom on the L. S. near the hills which is Prarie    proceeded on round a large Sand bar on the L. S. & Camped [3] (opposit a large Sand bar in the middle of the river).    on the L. S. a Butifull Small Stream passes back of the trading house, before mentioned [4]

July 3d 1804 [5]    
N 53° W.   1 miles along the S. Side
N 50 W.      ¼ me.    do    do
N. 18° E   1 me. to a pt on the L. S. opsd two Islands, one Small
near point (1)
N. 32° W      ¾ to Pt. on left side of the Island
N. 10° W      ½ me. to pt. on the L. S.
N. 60° W      ¼ me. to Pt. on Isd. L. S.
N. 78 W.      ½ ml to pt. on L. S. opposed the head of the Isld, a
pond on S. S. (2)
S. 56° W   2 ¼ me. to Pt. on S. S. of the Missourie
N. 45 E   3 Ms. to a pt on L. S.    passed Several Sand bars (3)
N. 12 E      ½ me. on L. Side round a Sand bar & Camped

Set out verry early this morning and proceeded on under a gentle Breeze from the S.    passed two Islands (1) one a Small willow Island on the L. S. the other large Called by the french Isle 〈la〉 de Vache or Cow Island, opposit the head on the S. S. is a large Pond Containg Beever, & fowl, a bad Sandbar on the S. S. above the Island, on the L. S. we halted at an old Tradeing house, [NB: deserted] here we found a verry fat horse, which appears to have been lost a long time    a butifull Small run passes back of the Tradeing house near the high land, we came to at a round bend on the L. S. and Camped

Course Distanc & refrs. July 3rd
N. 53° W.   1 me. on the S. S.
N. 50° W.      ¼ me.    do.    do
N. 18° E   1 Me. to a pt. on L. S. opsd. 2 Ids (1)
N 30° W      ¾ me. to pt. Left of an Isld.
N 10° W.      ½ me. to pt. L. S.
N 60° W      ½ me. to a pt. on the Island
N 78 W      ½ me. to a pt. L. S. at Hd. of Isd. (2)
S 56° W   2 ¼ ms. to a pt. on S. S. of Missouri
N 50° W   1 Me. on the S. S.
N 45 E   3 Ms. to a pt. on L. S. pass a Bar
N 12 E      ½ Me. on L. S. Camped
  11 ¼  

Tuesday July 3rd 1804.    we Set out eairly & proceeded on under a gentle Breese from the South.    passed a long Island & Several Small ones    we found a white horse on the bank of the river near whare their was an old Trading house built by a French merchant from St. Louis to Trade with the kansars Indians. The land is Good high bottom pine Timber & black wallnut honey locas oak &C. &C—    I Saw waat they call bucks Eye with the nuts on them; [6]    we passed a high prarie oposite to the Trading house & Camped at a point on the South Side of the Missouris


Tuesday July 3dth    Set out verry erley this morning under a Jentel Breas from the South    found a Stray Horse on the South Side    Havg Had Ben Lost for Som time    water verry Strong So Hard that we Could Hardley Stem it    Came 10 miles    Campt on the South Side    the Land is verry mirey


Tuesday 3rd.    We proceeded again at five, and continued our voyage until 12, when we stopt at an old trading place on the south side of the river. There we found a grey horse; but saw no appearance of any persons having lately encamped at that place.


Tusday 3rd [7]    Got on our way [page torn]    Island oposite the [page torn]    Wind Rose    Saild. [page torn]    Lat 38° 31 13 N.

Tuesday July 3rd    We started from Ordaways Island, opposite to a place called the French Garrison. [8]    The wind being in our favour, and blowing a good Breeze, The hunters this day killed 3 deer.    We encamp'd in the Evening, having Sailed 14 Miles this day.—    Latitude of Ordaways Island being 38° 31' 13 North

1. Some calculations are upside-down under this entry of document 26:
  17 11
6 351  
  17 16—3
6 356  
  59 33
  59 37
2. Cow Island was still on the map about 1890, a short distance above the Atchison-Leavenworth county line, Kansas, on the Platte County, Missouri side of the river. MRC map 16. (back)
3. In Atchison County, Kansas, somewhat above the present town of Oak Mills. Ibid.; Barry, 49. (back)
4. Possibly later Walnut Creek. MRC map 16. Clark inserts an asterisk here to indicate the place for the day's course material, found on another part of this sheet (document 26). (back)
5. There are variations in the course material here and those found in Codex A, including the mileage total. (back)
6. Ordway is the only one to call attention to the vegetation this day. The trees are an unknown pine, black walnut, honey locust, Gleditsia triancanthos L., an unknown oak, and western buckeye, Aesculus glabra Willd. (back)
7. Following this entry on a badly torn page is a blank page, but there is no apparent break in the writing. (back)
8. Undoubtedly the "old trading place" mentioned by Ordway and Gass. (back)