November 11, 1804
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November 11, 1804


a Cold Day    Continued at work at the Fort    Two men Cut themselves with an ax, The large Ducks pass to the South    an Indian gave me Several roles of parched meal    two Squars of the Rock Mountain, purchased from the Indians by 〈2〉 a frenchmen [NB: Chaboneau ] Came down 〈and〉    The Mandans out hunting the Buffalow—


Observed Meridian altitude of ☉'s U. L. with Sextant by the fore observation 51° 4' 52"

Latitude deduced from this observation    N. 47° 21' 32.8"


Sunday 11th Nov.    a clear and pleasant morning.    we commenced dobbing our huts & covering them &.C.    a frenchmans Squaw [2] came to our camp who belonged to the Snake nation. She came with our Intreperters wife & brought with them 4 buffalow Robes and Gave them to our officers.    they Gave them out to the party. I Got one fine one myself.    chilly this evening &.c.

1. Lewis's astronomical observation from Codex O. (back)
2. Clark has both Shoshone Indian wives of Toussaint Charbonneau arriving, one of whom would be Sacagawea. It could be that two Indian women came, only one of whom was the wife of Charbonneau and not necessarily Sacagawea (see also Ordway's entry of November 20). (back)