November 20, 1804
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November 20, 1804


Capt Lewis & my Self move into our huts, a verry hard wind from the W.    all the after part of the day    a temperate day    Several Indians Came Down    to Eat fresh meat, three Chiefs from the 2d Mandan Village Stay all Day, they are verry Curious in examining our works. Those Chiefs informs us that the Souix settled on the Missourie above Dog [ NB: Chayenne ] River, threten to attacked them this winter, and have treated 2 Ricares who Carried the pipe of peace to them Verry roughly.    whiped & took their horses from them &c. &c. & is much displeased with Ricares for makeing a peace with the Mandans &. &. through us, &.    we gave them a Sattisfactory answer. &c. &c.


Tuesday 20th Nov.    clear & pleasant    at 11 oC. a frenchman [1] who is to be our Inter. for Grovantaur arived with 4 horses loaded with peltry meat &.C.    brought another of his wifes with him.    the day warm.    the work go on as usal. Captains moved in their Room, &.C.    got Stone &.C.

1. Apparently Charbonneau. (back)