November 19, 1804
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November 19, 1804


19th of November 1804    our hunters return with 32 Deerr, 12 Elk & a Buffalow    Ice ran which detained the huntes much    Cap lewis visit the Me ne tar rees , the 25th and returned the 27th of Nov. with 2 Chiefs &c. &c. and told me that 2 Clerks & 5 men of the N W Company & Several of the hudsons Bay Company had arrived with goods to trade with the indians    a Mr. La Roche & Mc Kinzey are the Celerks    (Distanc 150 Miles across)


19th Novr. Monday    a Cold day    the ice Continue to 〈sine〉 run    our Perogue of Hunters arrive with 32 Deer, 12 Elk & a Buffalow, all of this meat we had hung up in a Smoke house, a timeley supply—    Several Indians here all day—    the wind bley hard from the N. W. by W.    our men move into their huts, Several little Indian aneckdts. [anecdotes] told me to day


Monday 19th Nov.    the River Riseing    the wind from S. W.    the weather moderates as the day is pleasant.    we dobbed the Store & Smoak house.    all hands employed at different Sort of work.    abt. 3 o.C. P. M. our hunters arived with the pearogue loaded with meat consisting of 5 buffalow 11 Elk & 30 Deer also Several kinds of Small Game of which they brought the Skins, all the meat we put up on poles in the Roofs of our meat & Smoak houses.—

1. Biddle's notation after the first date on this document 64 of the Field Notes reads "to 3d April 1805." Clark seems to have run the entries for several days together in the same paragraph; for notes on November 25 and 27, see under those dates. (back)