December 13, 1804
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December 13, 1804


The last night was verry Clear & the frost which fell Covered the ice old Snow & thos parts which was naked ⅙ of an inch, The Thermotr. Stands this morning at 20° below 0, a fine day.    find it imposible to make an Observation with an artifical Horsison [1] Joseph Fields kill a Cow and Calf to day one mile from the fort    river falls


Thursday 13th Decr.    clear frosty morning but not So cold as it was yesterday.    we had 2 Sleds ready provided for the purpose of halling in the meat.    2 men [2] went out a Short time and killed 2 buffaloe    one of them came in and 5 men were Sent out with him took a Sled with them and brought in the 2 buffaloe.    they Saw a nomber of the Savvages returning from the prarie with their horses loaded with meat    one of killed a Goat & brought it in to the fort & Gave it to our officers.    2 of my mess went up to the 1st village of the Mandans to day and bought Some corn and beans with a little paint and a fiew rings &.C.    one of the men belonging to the N. W. Compy. came down from the Grovantares upper village to See us.


Thursday 13th.    The weather this day, began to be more moderate. Two hunters went out and killed two buffaloe. One came in, and he and some of the men went out and brought in the meat.

2. One of the two was Joseph Field. (back)