December 14, 1804
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December 14, 1804


a fine morning.    wind from the S. E.    the murckerey Stood at '0' this morning    I went with a party of men down the river 18 miles to hunt Buffalow, Saw two Bulls too pore to kill, the Cows and large gangues haveing left the River, we only killed two Deer & Camped all night with Some expectation of Seeing the Buffalow in the morning, a verry Cold night, Snowed.


Friday 14th Decr. Cloudy & moderate this morning. Capt. Clark Set out with 14 men to Go down the River a hunting.    directly after it Set in to Snowing verry fast.    a nomber of the Mandans came to See us.    14 of them eat in my Room at one time.    the Big White dined with Capt Lewis.    towards evening Several of the hunters came in & informed us that the Buffalow had left the river.    they Saw but 2    they had killed 2 Deer. Capt. Clark & 8 men camped in a Bottom of wood 8 or 10 ml. down the river from our Fort.


Friday 14th.    This day was more moderate, and light snow showers fell. Captain Clarke and fourteen men went out to hunt; and took the three sleds with them. In the evening five of them returned. Captain Clarke and the other 9 encamped out, and killed two deer. The snow fell about three inches deep.