December 17, 1804
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December 17, 1804


a verry Cold morning    the Thrmt. Stood a 43° [WC: 45] below 0. We found Mr. Henny a verry intelligent man from whome we obtained Some Scetches of the Countrey between the Mississippi & Missouri, [1] and Some Sketches from him, which he had obtained from the Indins. to the West of this place    also the names and charecktors of the Sceoux &c    about 8 oClock P M. the thermometer fell to 74° below the freesing pointe—    the Indian Chiefs Sent word that Buffalow was in our neighbourhood, and if we would join them, in the morning they would go and kill them—

Country between the Missouri and Red Rivers, ca. December 17, 1804,
Field Notes, reverse of document of 66
Beinecke Library, Yale University


Monday 17th Decr.    a clear & cold morning.    the Thurmometer Stood at about 35 fat.    it has been Several degrees lower Some days past.    towards evening the chiefs Son came from 1st vill. of the Mandans & Informed us that the Buffalow were comming in towards the River, & that their was a large Gang near the Fort So that our men Scared them back by cutting fire wood for the night.—


Monday 17th.    This was a cold clear day, and we all remained in the garrison. A sled was fitted up for one of the N. W. traders to return in. In the evening one of the natives came down and told us the buffaloe were again come to the river.


Monday 17 Decr.    a cold day.    Sergt. Gass fixed a horse Sled for one of the N. W. Compy. tradors to go to thier forts with. [2]    Some of the Mandans come & Informed us that the buffaloe had come near the River again.—

Monday decemr 17th    This day was clear and cold weather.    One of our Serjeants fixed a horse sled, for one of the North west traders, a number of that Company Traders being in the two Villages of the Mandan Nation.    They trafficed with the natives for Furr, Peltry & Buffalo hides to a very considerable amount, in the afternoon some Mandan Indians arrived at our Camp, and informed our officers, that the Buffaloes had returned near the River again—

1. The sketches may be a map, fig. 5, on the reverse of document 66 of the Field Notes. See Fort Mandan Micellany, part 1, for a discussion of the map and also Osgood (FN), 184 n. 6. (back)
2. The trader was probably Hugh Heney; the forts were the North West Company posts on the Assiniboine River in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. (back)