December 18, 1804
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December 18, 1804


The Themometer the Same as last night    Mr. Haney & La Rocke left us for the Grossventre Camp, Sent out 7 men to hunt for the Buffalow    They found the weather too cold & returned, Several Indians Came, who had Set out with a veiw to Kill buffalow, The river rise a little    I imploy my Self makeing a Small map of Connection &. Sent Jessomme to the Main Chief of the mandans to know the Cause of his detaining or takeing a horse of Chabonoe our big belly interpeter, which we found was thro: the rascallity of one Lafrance a trader from the N W. Company, who told this Cheif that Chabonah owd. him a horse to go and take him    he done So agreeable to an indian Custom—    he gave up the horse


Tuesday 18th Decr.    verry cold last night So that the Sentinel had to be relieved everry half hour dureing all last night.    the Tradiors from the N. W. Compy. remained with us yesterday and last night.—    a clear Sharp morning.    the Thurm. S. at 42 ds.    abt. 12 hunters Got ready eairly to hunt the buffalow. Some of them went out on the hills but found it So cold that they would not follow the Buffo in the praries So they returned to the Fort.    the Tradors left us eairly this morning.    we accomodatd them with a Sled which they draw by a horse their Robes & furs over to their Forts.


Tuesday 18th.    A very cold day. Six of us went out to look for the buffaloe; but could see nothing but some goats. At 9 we returned and found the men from the N. W. Company had set out on their return, notwithstanding the severity of the weather.


Tuesday 18th Decr. 1804    a verry cold day.    8 of the party went out to hunt, but Saw nothing but Some goats.    the N. W. Compy. tradors Set of this morning notwithstanding the coldness of the weather.

Tuesday Decemr 18th    This day we had very Cold weather, A party of our Men went out hunting, but saw nothing of the Game kind, but some Goats.    The North West Traders left us this morning, having come to take their leave of our Officers and Men, and proceeded on their Journey notwithstanding the coldness of the weather—