December 23, 1804
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December 23, 1804


a fine Day    great numbers of indians of all discriptions Came to the fort many of them bringing Corn to trade, the little Crow , loadd. his wife & Sun with corn for us, Cap. Lewis gave him a few presents as also his wife, She made a Kettle of boild Simnins, beens, Corn & Choke Cherris [1] with the Stones which was paletable

This Dish is Considered, as a treat among those people, The Chiefs of the Mandans are fond of Stayin & Sleeping in the fort


Sunday 23rd Decr.    a clear & pleasant morning.    we continued raiseing our pickets    the Savages came in large crouds the Squaws loaded with corn & Beans.    we found them troublesome in our huts.


Sunday 23rd.    The weather continued pleasant, and we proceeded in our operations in setting up the pickets.


Sunday 23rd Decr. 1804    a clear pleasant day.    we continued our work Setting up the pickets &c.

Sunday Decemr 23d    The weather still continued pleasant    all the Men was still employed setting up the Pickets round the fort.—

1. The choke cherry is Prunus virginianus L. Barkley, 148. (back)