December 24, 1804
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December 24, 1804


Several Chiefs and members of men womin and Children at the fort to day, Some for trade, the most as lookers on, we gave a fellet of Sheep Skin (which we brought for Spunging) to 3 Chiefs one to each of 2 inches wide, which they lay great value (priseing those felets equal to a fine horse[)], a fine Day    we finished the pickingen [NB: Riqueting] around our works


Monday 24th Decr. Some Snow this morning.    we finished Setting pickets & arected a blacksmiths Shop.    the afternoon pleasant.    the Savages came as usal    we fired our Swivels as tomorrow is cristmas day &C,


Monday 24th.    Some snow fell this morning; about 10 it cleared up, and the weather became pleasant. This evening we finished our fortification. Flour, dried apples, pepper and other articles were distributed in the different messes to enable them to celebrate Christmas in a proper and social manner.


Monday 24 Decr. 1805. [1]    Some Snow fell this morning.    about 10 oC cleared off    a fair day.    we finished our fortifycation.    in the evening our Captains contributed to the party Some flour pepper dryed apples &c. to celebrate the Chrisstmas.

Monday decemr 24th    This morning we had some Snow, at about 10 o'Clock A. M. 〈as〉 it cleared away, and we had fair weather the remainder of the day, the Men finished picketting in the Fort,—    and made it compleat.—    In the Evening our Officers distributed among the party, flour— dried apples, pepper &ca. that they might celebrate Christmass

1. Whitehouse anticipates the new year. (back)