January 2, 1805
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January 2, 1805


a Snowey morning    a party of men go to Dance at the 2nd Village to Dance, Capt Lewis & the interptr visit the 2d Village, and return in the evening, Some Snow to Day    verry Cold in the evining


Wednesday 2nd Jany. Snowed fast this morning. Capt. Lewis and the Greater part of the party went up to the 2nd village of the mandans a frolicking, after the Same manner as yesterday at the 1st village.    a nomber of Indians and Squaws came to the fort from the first village. Brought us corn to pay our blacksmiths [1] for repairing their Squaw axes Bridles &.C.    the most of the men returned toward evening & Sd. that the Indians were much diverted at seeing them dance.    they used them verry friendly &.C.


Wednesday 2nd.    Some snow fell this morning. The men, who remained at the village last night, returned. Captain Lewis, myself and some others, went up to the second village and amused ourselves with dancing &c. the greater part of the day. In the evening we in general returned and a great number of the natives, men, women and children, came to see us, and appeared highly pleased.

This day I discovered how the Indians keep their horses during the winter. In the day time they are permitted to run out and gather what they can; and at night are brought into the lodges, with the natives themselves, and fed upon cotton wood branches: and in this way are kept in tolerable case. [2]


Wednesday 2nd Jany. 1805.    Some Snow fell this morning.    the rest of the men came from the village, about 10 oClock Capt. Lewis & the rest of the party who had not been went up to the 2nd village, [3] we danced and amused our Selves the greater part of the [day] which pleased the natives &c.    in the evening the most of the men returned home.    the natives keep their horses in their lodges with themselves every cold night dureing the winter Season & feed them on nothing but the branches of cotton wood which they cut off the Bark, which is Sweet & good.    they live on it & look tollarably well.

Wednesday January 2d    This morning we had some Snow, our Men that had remained at the Indian Village last night returned;    About 10 o'Clock A. M. Captain Lewis, and the remainder of our party, that had staid at the Fort, went up to the 2nd Indian Village of the Mandan nation, the party arrived at the Village where they danced, and amused themselves the greater part of the day.—    This pleas'd the Inhabitants of this Village exceedingly.—    In the Evening the party returned to the Fort.—

The Mandan Indians in this Second Village had a number of horses, which they keep in their lodges with them, every Cold night during the Winter; they feed the Horses on branches of the Cotton wood trees which is Sweet as well as the bark of the same Tree which they Eat, and subsist on, looking in tolerable good Order

1. Shields and Willard were the party's blacksmiths. (back)
2. Clark notes this practice on November 9, 1804, and Lewis on February 12, 1805. One reason for bringing the horses inside at night was to prevent their being stolen. (back)