January 4, 1805
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January 4, 1805


a worm Snowey morning, the Themtr. at 28° abov 0, Cloudy, Sent out 3 men to hunt down the river, Several Indians Came to day    the little Crow, who has proved friendly Came    we gave him a handkerchf & 2 files, in the evening the weather became cold and windey, wind from the N W.    I am verry unwell the after part of the Daye


Friday 4th Jany 1805. Cloudy, warm morning. Several men went down the River a hunting.    the afternoon blustry. Some of the hunters returned    had killed one buffalow calf & one woolf.


Friday 4th Jany. 1805.    the weather is not as cold as it was Some time past.    Some hunters went out & 3 of Stayed out all night, the rest came home.    had killed one Small buffalow.    in the evening it got verry cold and the wind blew verry hard all night.

Friday January 4th    This morning Clear, and the weather was moderate, to what it had been some days past, Our officers sent out the Hunters, they all returned but 3 who remained out all night, The hunters that returned, had killed one Small Buffalo, which they brought to the Fort.—    In the Evening, the weather grew very cold and the Wind blew hard from the N. West all night—