January 3-12, 1805
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January 3-12, 1805


Thursday 3rd. From this to the 13th the weather was generally very cold; but our hunters were frequently out. One of them killed a beautiful white hare. [1] These animals are said to be plenty. We killed a small buffaloe, 3 elk, 4 deer and two or three wolves. Three of the hunters going to a distance down the river, killed nothing for two days, but a wolf, which they were obliged to eat; and said they relished it pretty well, but found it rather tough. A number of the natives being out hunting in a very cold day, one of them gave out on his return in the evening; and was left in the plain or prairie covered with a buffaloe robe. After some time he began to recover and removed to the woods, where he broke a number of branches to lie on, and to keep his body off the snow. In the morning he came to the fort, with his feet badly frozen, and the officers undertook his cure. [2]

1. Probably a white-tailed jackrabbit. (back)
2. This was the thirteen-year-old boy whose toes Lewis had to amputate on January 27 and 31. (back)