January 27, 1805
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January 27, 1805


a fine day, attempt to Cut our Boat and Canoos out of the Ice, a deficuelt Task I fear as we find waters between the Ice, I Bleed the man with the Plurisy to day & Swet him, Capt Lewis took of the Toes of one foot of the Boy who got frost bit Some time ago, [2] Shabonoe our interpeter returned, & informed that the Assiniboins had returned to their Camps, & brough 3 horses of Mr. Laroches to Stay here for fear of their being Stolen by the Assiniboins who are great rogues—    Cut off the boy toes—


Sunday 27th Jany. 1805. Cloudy. Some men employed Gitting hay from the prarie for to cover the Coal kill. [3]

1. Clark has been correcting the year for his January entries, here he missed one. (back)
2. Removal of more toes was necessary on January 31. For the probable procedure, see Chuinard (OOMD), 267–69. (back)
3. Meaning the blacksmith's kiln. (back)