January 26, 1805
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January 26, 1805


a verry fine warm Day    Several Indians Dine with us and are much Pleased—    one man taken violently Bad with the Plurisee, Bleed & apply those remedeis Common to that disorder. [1]


Observed Meridian Altitude of ☉'s U. L. with sextant and artificl. Horzn. of water    48° 50' —

Latitude deduced from this observatn.    N. 47 21 47


Saturday 26th Jany. Cloudy & warm    the Wind from the South.    the party at work Same as yesterday.    the Savages brought us considerable corn this day.


Saturday 26th.    A pleasant day and all hands employed in cutting wood, to make charcoal. We have a blacksmith [3] with us, and a small set of blacksmith tools. The blacksmith makes war-axes, and other axes to cut wood; which are exchanged with the natives for corn, which is of great service to us as we could not bring much with us.

1. The remedies probably included purging and greasing the chest. Chuinard (OOMD), 266–67. (back)
2. Lewis's astronomical observation from Codex O. (back)