January 18, 1805
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January 18, 1805


a fine worm morning, Mr. La Rock & McKinzey Came down to See us with them Several of the Grosse Venrees.


Friday 18th Jany.    moderate weather.    in the afternoon 2 of the Tradors [1] from the N. W. Compy. came to the Garrison from the Grossvanters villages    in the evening two of the hunters came in    brought with them 4 wolf Skins which they had caught in Steel traps    they killed a braro also.    a large woolf took off one of their traps.    they tracked it Some distance but could not find it.—    they Informed us that Sergt pryors hunting party had killed 3 Elk 4 Deer & 2 porkipines.


Friday 18th.    Clear cold weather. Two of our hunters returned, and had killed four deer, four wolves and a prarow. Two men belonging to the N. W. company, who stay at the Grossventers village, came to the fort. They say this animal which the French call a prarow, or brarow, is a species of the badger.


Friday 18th Jany. 1805.    clear cold weather    2 of our hunters came in had killed 4 Deer 4 wolves and one brarow.    2 men who belonged to the N. W. Compy. that trades at the grossvauntares villages came to our fort, this day they told us that these animals we called Braroes are a Specie of the Badgers, which are common in Europe.—

Friday Janry. 18th    This day we had clear cold Weather, about 12 o'Clock A. M. two of our Hunters came to the Fort, & informed us, that they had killed 4 deer 4 Wolves, and a Brarerow, In the afternoon two Men, belonging to the North West company of Traders came to the Fort also, they had come from the Gross Vaunters Village, they informed us, that The North West company, had Men employ'd trading at that Nation.—    They told us that the Animals which are called the Brarerows, were a Specie of the Badger, which they said were common in Europe.—