January 19, 1805
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January 19, 1805


a find Day    Messrs. Larock & McKinzey returned home, Sent three horses down to our hunting Camp for the meet they had killed, Jussoms Squar, left him and went to the Village


Saturday 19th Jany    cloudy.    2 men Set off with the horses to Go down the River to Bring home the meat abt. 30 mls. abo. this place.


Saturday 19th.    Two men were sent with horses for meat, to the hunters' Camp, which is thirty miles down the river.


Saturday 19th Jany. 1805.    2 men Sent with three horses down the River for meat to the hunting Camps, which is about 30 miles distant from the Fort the way they go on the Ice.—

Saturday January l9th    The weather continued Cold and Clear, Our Officers sent two of the Men, with three horses down the River, to the hunting Camps for meat,—the distance being about 30 Miles from the Fort, They proceeded on the Ice the River being fast froze over for some time past.—