January 21, 1805
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January 21, 1805


a number of Indians here to day    a fine day    nothing remarkable    one ban [man] verry bad with the 〈pox〉 [1]


Monday 21st Jany.    moderate weather    the hunters all came in had killed 3 Elk 4 Deer & one fox two porcupines [X:    two porcupines on 18th] & a hare. [2]    they Brought in three horse loads of the Meat.    the Savages bring considerable Corn to day, to pay for their Black Smiths work.    2 men went up to the Grossvarntares village to trade Some woolf Skins with the N. W. Compy Traders for Tobacco.    they Got 3 feet of twist tobacco for each Skin.—


Monday 21st.    A clear cold day. Our hunters returned to the fort, and brought with them three horse load of vension and elk meat.


Monday January 21st [3]    The weather still continued Clear and Cold, the two Men that was sent to the hunting Camp returned to the Fort, having the three horses loaded with Elk meat and Venison, they returned on the Ice on the River.—

1. The pox is syphilis, not smallpox. (back)
2. Again, the white-tailed jackrabbit. (back)
3. From this point until May 1, 1805, only the fair copy survives of Whitehouse's journal. (back)