January 28, 1805
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January 28, 1805


attempt to cut through the ice &c get our Boat and Canoo out without Suckcess, Several Indians here wishing to get war hatchets made [here a drawing] this shape [1]    the man Sick yesterday is getting well    Mr. Jessome our interpeter was taken verry unwell this evening    warm day

War Hatchet, January 28, 1805, Codex C, p. 158
(American Philosophical Society library,
used with permission.)


Observed Equal altitudes with Sextant and artifical Horizon on the construction recommended by Mr. Andrew Ellicott, in which sperits were substituted for water, it being to could to use the latter.

A. M. 8   7 29       P. M. 1 52 34
  "   9 51     " 54 58
  " 12 20     " 57 26

Altd. by Sextant at the time of observation    33° 25' —"

  h m   s
Chronometer too slow on mean time 1 11 12.2
her daily rate of going on M. T. too slow 51.2

☞ the accuracy of this observation may be depended on.

Longitude of Fort Mandan as deduced from the observation of the end of toal darkness when the eclips of the moon tok place the 14th of January Astronocl. 1805

  h m   s        
W. from Greenwich 6 37 31.2 or 99° 22' 45.3
Longitude of Fort Mandan as deduced from the end of the same eclips
h m s        
6 37 47 or 99° 26' 45"

Monday 28th Jany. 1805. Clear and cold.    all hands employed cutting the Ice from round the Barge. Got large prizes [3] & attempted to Shake hir loose but found that we could not move hir without considerable more cutting or other means.

1. Clark sketched the form of tomahawk head the Indians desired. See figure. Lewis described it in detail on February 5, 1805. It was apparently Biddle who wrote "Qu" in red across this passage. (back)
2. Lewis's astronomical observation from Codex O. (back)
3. Pries or pry bars. (back)